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Welcome to my Website and thanks for calling in.

I write lots of different things – plays, musicals, short stories, poetry, doggerel (for family birthday cards!) whatever grabs me at the time. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.

Most recently, I’ve been writing Junior Novels and I had some excellent news in September. Chemical Leak! (published in 2006) was short listed for the Wilderness Society’s Environment Award for Children’s Literature. I’ve been deeply involved in reprinting this book, so I was delighted to be able to add the Wilderness Society’s logo to my new cover.

The second in the series, Sea Secrets was releaseed in May, 2007 and here you can see some photos of the launch.

On the FAQs page, I’ll tell you about my research for the books and why I write them.

I’m very happy that I have a professional director interested in a musical I wrote last year (2006) called: Silly Old Buggers. This is (I truly believe) a very funny musical play about growing old. Not a grumpy play but a celebration of what older people can still do in their lives, the funny things that happen and a big laugh about growing old — not with dignity — but with indignation and independence. My blog will keep you up to date on developments with this project.

My husband and I left the city in 2003 have been living in a country town in Western Victoria for the past four years and now we almost feel like locals. (You’re not really a local unless you were born here and, preferably, your parents were born here too!)

We really love it here. We’ve made lots of new friends and our family and old friends from the city come and visit us as well – so we have the best of all worlds.

View from house

This is one of the views from our house.

We love having SPACE around us! Green hills with cows dotted on them, plenty of sky, lots of trees and a whole acre to plant lots more of our own trees and grow vegies.

20 Pumpkins         Our own mushrooms

TWENTY pumpkins picked in May, 2007.         We even have our own mushrooms.

Apart from the vegies, almost everything we plant is Australian: wattles, flowering gums, hakeas, grevilleas – you name it, we’ve probably got at least one, maybe even three.

Spring Wattles in flower

Spring 2006.

And then there are the smaller flowers: yellow everlastings, bluebells, Australian buttercups, Native Flax, Chocolate lilies, all popping up out of the ground every spring; and the climbers and creepers: clematis, Running Postman, sollya, hardenbergia, goodenia, hibbertia, the list goes on and on. And there are always more.

Garden Flowers

Poa grass, Bluebells, Everlastings, Linum, Sticky Everlastings.

We call our place “TREECHANGE”

Geoff and Treechange sign

And this is my husband – Geoff Senior – who looks after the place (and me). He does the mowing, a lot of the digging and most of the cooking. He also listens to my writing ideas and makes suggestions – which I sometimes take notice of!

And Now: He is also the ILLUSTRATOR in the new edition of Chemical Leak!.

I have my own little office where I just love hiding away and thinking, writing, listening to music, receiving and replying to emails, playing with photographs on the computer, researching on the internet, the list is endless.

View of office - 1         View of office - 2

This is my office. It’s cluttered and messy but I’m very happy here.