A Shipload of Fun

The adventures of a crazy Hungarian

It seems I’m now a biographer.

This was an unexpected development in my varied career and one which I initially took on a little reluctantly.

However, I thoroughly enjoyed the time of researching and writing over what turned out to be a couple of years. Towards the end though, with editing, rewriting and all the fine tuning necessary, it became a little bit tiresome!

But now it’s done, and the result is something with which I am reasonably happy and actually quite proud of.

Front and back cover

The subject of this biography, ‘Captain’ Andrew Singer of Titanic Entertainments (see previous pages of this website) commissioned me to write his history, so the whole project was virtually a collaboration between the two of us.

Over many interviews and phone conversations, Andrew told me his story. It was an intense time of getting to know not only the events in his life but also his emotional reactions. There were times when we were both close to tears, and there were other times when we laughed and laughed.

In between, I wrote up his stories, shared them with him, asked questions and made corrections or alterations.

Eventually we were both satisfied that it was complete. It had been proofread, edited and pronounced a true record of his life. Then came the problem of trying to find a publisher.

After almost a whole year of “thanks but no thanks”, with reasons ranging from “Covid limitations” to “we love it but…” it was decided that self-publishing was the only way to go. And THAT was a whole new learning curve!

Drawing a veil over that very stressful time, at last we have a book in our hands.

We launched the book at the Pirates Tavern, Williamstown in March 2022 and, as Andrew was in Hungary, Andrew’s elder son, Paul was there to assist and be part of the event. Michael, Andrew’s younger son, had designed the cover so, all in all, it had become a very family affair.

It sells for $40.00 per book plus $11.00 postage & packing, and it’s
available from the website: Treechange Productions.

It’s also available for online or in person shopping from Book and Paper,
36 Douglas Parade Williamstown 3016 Book and Paper – Williamstown