Theatre Restaurant/Musicals

1:     Titanic Entertainments – three different musical productions:

2001-2003: "Jessie of the Titanic"
2001-2003: “Jessie of the Titanic”

“Titanic to New York” 1996-1998

“Titanic to New York Mk II” 1998-2000

“Jessie of the Titanic” 2001-2003








2:     “Silly Old Buggers” – a Musical Celebration of Growing Old.  

Melbourne International Comedy Festival - 2009
Melbourne International Comedy Festival – 2009


Can be played as either Theatre-Restaurant or a Stage Performance.









3:     “How Are Ya?” – A Camperdown Cabaret

Welcome to theCabaret
Welcome to the Cabaret


Written for Madden’s Commercial Hotel, Camperdown. 2015.








4:     In the pipeline…….

         “How Are Ya? – A Cabaret for a Country Town.

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MatesA rewrite of the original for use in different country towns.

Special songs focusing on a particular region will be offered.

If requested, they can be written to highlight local events or attractions.

Will be available early 2017.